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Meeting of ECON National Coordinators

 On the 4-5th of April 2014, an annual meeting of ECON National Coordinators was held in Budapest.

The Fundraising cooking event in Budapest

On the 23rd of March the Workfare Movement For The Future held a fundraising cooking event in a local pub of Budapest, Hungary.  The proceeds of this event will be used to advance and advocate our cases and benefit the Movement.

Recent development from Germany

Citizens, government and local investors planning together for neighborhood investments is not a dream. Our German colleagues from Saarbrücken have made it. Citizens in the Malstatt neighborhood are working with local, regional, and national officials to receive a one-year planning grant that will enable major long-term neighborhood investments under the national “Social City” program. 55 person met with government officials to begin a planning process. For more information about this meeting and for some other reports from Germany, please read the full article.

Workfare Movement For the Future had a meeting with the authority in Budapest

The group Workfare Movement For The Future had a meeting with the director of local organization employing workfare workers and they discussed together one of the most important topics, the late payment of wages.

Introduction to Community Organizing Training and Site Visit

Katowice, Poland, 7-8th of March 2014 On the 7th and 8th of March, Bona Fides Association hosted one of the biggest ECON gatherings. Almost 70 participants from 10 European countries (Lithuania, Bosnia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Georgia and Poland) took part in a site visit and introductory training on community organizing. The main focus of the training was put on the steps of community organizing approach (listening, research, action, and building organizations) and on sharing experiences between participants. During the second day of the meeting, representatives of 3 initiative groups from Katowice presented their work, the successes they have achieved and challenges they have faced in their efforts to improve their neighbourhoods.

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